Karasu Plastik

About Us


 Karasu Plastik aims to create meaningful opportunities for the society together with its employees and customers. The company target not only to earn, but also share the profit and success and be both a local and global actor with the trade it performs.

Karasu Plastik assumes responsibilities for the nature, society and the cultural environment. In addition, being a leading company in its industry, it targets to improve efficiency and consistency. Acting on the basis of continuous improvement and quality-in-life, the company has shaped its fundamental values, critical achievement factors, policies, mission and vision through the principles of "giving priority to the human" and "giving back to the society what has been received from it".

Karasu Plastik has achieved to combine corporate and personal values. The company has become a source of proud for its employees by providing high level of efficiency and quality in production and a pleasant working environment with respect to the human resources... 


Let your flowers rouse with our products...